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Restorative dentistry helps healing

Restorative Dentistry. We can help healing begin.

Restoring your teeth may be necessary due to decay, accidents, excessive wear, missing teeth or other problems.  Our goal in any restorative procedure is to ensure full function and optimal appearance.  We explore all possibilities for treatment. We explain the pros and cons of those options to you and will answer all of your questions so you can make informed decisions about your care. 

We provide a full range of restorative treatments ranging from fillings, crowns, bridges, partials and dentures, to root canals and implant restoration.  We offer local and topical anesthetics, nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas), sedation, tooth sensitivity materials, music and a pillow to make the appointment as stress-free as possible. 

For your well-being, please don't let past dental experiences or fears keep you from getting the care you need.  We will work with you to reduce discomfort and anxiety so your teeth and gums will be healthy again.

Learn about our cosmetic dental services.

I started seeing Dr. Mike when I was 57 years old. My teeth were not in very good condition and he sensed my terrible fear of going to the dentist. He treated me very special, with his very caring and comforting way. I soon was over my fear.

I am now over 80 years old, and I go to see Dr. Mike and his friendly staff every six months. I am so thankful I had the courage to walk into his office years ago.

Jeanie Trimbath, La Vista, NE
Patient since 1990

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