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cosmetic dentistry | present a look that is stunning

Cosmetic Dentistry. Present a look that's stunning.

Great advances have been made in the area of cosmetic dentistry. Thanks to new materials and new techniques for a wide variety of aesthetic problems, you can have the smile you want.

Whitening or bleaching is often requested to improve teeth's appearance. There are a variety of options to whiten teeth and it is important to consult with Dr. Schilmoeller prior to bleaching. He will help you select the best product for your teeth and to avoid potential problems. We can recommend over-the-counter products or offer bleaching kits in the office that are 50% stronger.  Custom trays and bleaching gel may also be considered. 

Other options for improving the appearance include minor reshaping of the teeth, veneers, and treating blemishes on the tooth surface. 

We are also able to provide preventative dental services and make suggestions to avoid future cosmetic problems.  If you need restorative dental treatments, we can help.

I wouldn’t trust anyone else to work on my teeth.  Dr. Schilmoeller and his staff are like a family.  I like to see the same friendly people every visit.  Dr. Schilmoeller does a wonderful job and I recommend him to everyone! 

Karen Hughes, Omaha, NE
Patient since 2005

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