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Oral sedation makes dental work less stressful.

Oral Sedation. Relax, even nap, during dental treatments.

If you experience fear and anxiety related to dental visits, you are not alone. Approximately 65% of our new patients say they fear going to the dentist and have avoided it for many years.  Those same people now see us on a regular stress-free basis because of sedation.  For their comfort, we offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide gas. Both options are very inexpensive. 

Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” can reduce the anxiety of dental work for adults as well as for children.  It is very safe and is a great option if you are nervous but not dental phobic.  To use nitrous oxide, you must refrain from eating at least 5 hours before your appointment. Using nitrous oxide gas will not interfere with driving because it is out of your system after breathing oxygen for five minutes at the end of the appointment. 

Oral sedation is a great option if you have had traumatic dental experiences in the past or feel very anxious about dental procedures. Oral sedation is a small pill taken an hour prior to your appointment.  This enables you to have restorative dental work completed while sleeping through the treatment.  Most patients remember arriving at the office and getting into the chair but very little after that.  If you choose to use oral sedation, you need someone to drive you to and from the appointment. 

We also invite you to bring your favorite music and headphones so you can block out all the “dental sounds.”

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We stumbled upon Nebraska Dental Center when we moved to the Papillion area and wouldn't consider leaving. Our then 4 year old son used to get mad when his older brother "got to go" to the dentist and he didn't have an appointment too.

Dr. Schilmoeller, Diane, and the entire staff provide great care and the follow-up after procedures is exceptional!

Kathy Hanig, Papillion, NE
Patient since 1995

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